Herbal tea No.27 "For stomach-1"

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    With herbs used in case of gastric hyperacidity and ulcer.

  • The tea contains herbs used in case gastric hyperacidity and ulcer. They treat irritated or ulcerated gastric mucosa of oesophagus, reduce hyperactive secretion of gastric acid and soothe inflammation.

    Net weight 40 g.

    *common oat, *silvery five-fingers, *common heather, *common agrimony, *common woundwort, *cluster mallow, *hare's foot clover, *meadowsweet, *common yarrow herb; *wild strawberry; *Guelder rose blossoms; *small-leaved lime bark; *marsh-mallow roots.

    *-organic product.

    NOTES: Ingredients may change. Each person's response to herbs may differ. Consult your doctor about use of herbal products.