A long work experience of J.Balvočiūtė was important for creation of the farm and development of herbal blends.

After graduation from her pharmacist studies (in 1968) J.Balvočiūtė worked in a pharmacy for a short period of time. Her later professional life is related with the Laboratory of Medicinal Plants in Kaunas Botanical Garden where she has worked until 1990.

J.Balvočiūtė moved to her native place in Žemaitija region after Lithuania regained Independence. She has worked in the position of biologist (botanist) of Kamanai Natural Reserve during the period 1990 – 2002. She has obtained the supreme qualification category of pharmacist – pharmacognosist in 2000 and license to practice pharmacy. J.Balvočiūtė has founded a pharmacy in Viekšniai, which rents rooms in the Viekšniai First Pharmacy Museum. An organic farm has been developed during that period too.

J.Balvočiūtė is author of approximately 30 research articles and over 70 popular articles. She published the following books with other co-authors in Lithuanian language: (guide) For a Young Herbalist (Kaunas, 1983); Melliferous Plants (Vilnius, 1987); (guide) For a Young Florist (Kaunas, 1988); Grow Herbs (Kaunas, 1991); In Jiesia Landscape Park (Kaunas, 1992); Healing Plants of Lithuania (in Lithuanian). „Šviesa“, Kaunas: 2007 m. 158 p.

J.Balvočiūtė allots much attention for education of community. She gives about 30 lectures annually: public lectures on herbs and herbalism and also lectures on organic farming for continuing education courses of pharmacists, held by the Faculty of Pharmacy of Kaunas University of Medicine.