• Organic herbal teas

    Herbal teas delivered by the Farm of Jadvyga Balvociute are known in Lithuania. Their popularity is not a chance. Formulas and production of these teas are related with following:


    - professional knowledge about local herbs
    - knowledge of traditional herbalism
    - organic farming
    - qualified harvesting of ecologic wild flora
    - high attention for quality, because this small Farm of Žemaitija (Samogitia) delivers final products to market
    - production exceptionally from plants grown in Lithuania and representation of Lithuanian natural resources
    - close cooperation with lovers of herbal teas and educational activities of the farm owner – herbalist.


    These herbal teas are a wonderful possibility to become acquainted with the rich flora of Lithuania in practice, to feel influence of herbs on body and soul, to admire natural aromas and nice range of colours of herbal teas.


    Once you give priority to organic products, you do not only take care of your own health. In this way, you stimulate producers to take care of nature; you contribute to preservation of biodiversity and nice landscape, to harmonious coexistence of humans and wild nature and respect for equal rights of future generations to have a clean environment.