• What precautions should be taken using herbal teas?

    Herbal teas are not recommended in the case of individual sensitivity to their components, also when herbal teas are used not according to the instruction of use or in unreasonably high amounts.
    Some herbs are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women and small children or dosage should differ.

    People having diseases should consult their doctor before use of herbal teas, because of a possible interaction of medicines, anaesthetics and contraceptives with plant substances. A doctor should be informed about use of herbal teas when prescribing drugs for a patient.

    These precautions should be taken not only in case of herbal teas, but also for far more spread drinks, e.g. black or green tea, coffee, etc.

    Which herbal teas may improve digestion?

    Such teas include blends for every day: „Aromatic“ (with different aromatic plants), Herbal Tea „For Every Day“ (with mint), drink „Coffee without Coffee“ (made of roasted wild chicory and dandelion roots).

    If flatulence occurs, it is recommended to use herbs, which decrease formation of gasses (e.g. Herbal Tea No. 43 is made with them).

    A tea with herbs stimulating secretion of gastric juice and function of liver and pancreas is useful in case of diminished gastric acidity (craving sour flavours) (e.g. Herbal Tea No. 51).

    If gastric acidity is increased or even heartburn occurs or ulcer is diagnosed, a herbal tea is recommended, which includes herbs calming down increased secretion of gastric juice and inflammation of mucosa (e.g. Herbal Tea No. 27). Persons with above mentioned problems can profit from use of such herbal tea against hyperacidity if they take it before meal or before other tea.

    Troubles of digestion may be related with diseases of digestive glands, e.g. decreased function of liver due to hepatitis or intoxication, results of chronic pancreatitis, other. A doctor should be consulted for diagnosis. Herbal Tea No. 5 developed by Jadvyga Balvočiūtė contains herbs, which improve liver function and facilitate the flow of bile; Herbal Tea No.8 is made with herbs useful in case of chronic pancreatitis. Herbal Tea No. 52 includes herbs used in the treatment of cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder) and cholangitis (inflammation of the bile ducts).

    Herbal Tea No. 46 is made with herbs, which stimulate function of liver, pancreas and stomach, bowel peristalsis and enhances removal of toxins from the body.

    How many blends with medicinal herbs may be used during the same period of time?

    It is recommended to use not more than two blends at the same time. Professionals may consult whether two different teas may be combined. If two teas are consumed, it is better to take a second herbal tea after a break of 15 minutes.