Herbal tea No.24 "For strengthening of bones"

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    With herbs used in case of osteoporosis.

  • The tea contains herbs used in case of osteoporosis. They facilitate assimilation of calcium, prevent its elimination from the body, accelerate bone healing after fractures, strengthen joints and reduce cartilage wear.

    Net weight 40 g.

    *hyssop, *common oat, *purple amaranth, *mugwort, *dark lungwort, *water horsetail herb, *common sea-buckthorn, *meadowsweet, *great plantain, *dewberry, *common nettle leaves; *meadowsweet inflorescences; *willow, *small-leaved lime bark.

    *-organic product.

    NOTES: Ingredients may change. Each person's response to herbs may differ. Consult your doctor about use of herbal products.