Herbal tea No.1 "For digestion"

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    Common dandelion can help maintain gastrointestinal function. A diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

  • The tea contains herbs that improve appetite, stimulate secretion of gastric juice and facilitate functions of liver and pancreas.

    Net weight 40 g.

    INGREDIENTS: *common dandelion, *greater plantain, *garden angelica, *common nettle leaves; *common oat, *mugwort, *blessed thistle, *oregano, *long-leaved mint, *blessed milkthistle herb; *rugosa rose, *European mountain ash fruits.

    *-organic product.

    PREPARATION: Pour 0,5 - 1 tbsp of the herbal blend into 1 glass of boiling water, keep warm for 45 minutes, filter and squeeze out liquid. Drink 0,3 of glass 3 times a day before meal.

    NOTES: Ingredients may change. Each person's response to herbs may differ. Consult your doctor about use of herbal products.