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    Herbal composition of pleasant flavour and mild scent, developed for children.

  • A composition of herbs with a pleasant flavour and a delicate scent was developed for children. The tea contains herbs useful for a growing body. The tea of different strength may be brewed taking into account the age and taste of a child and may be given to drink as every-day tea. It is also suitable for people of different age (from babies aged 6 months to elderly).

    Net weight 40 g.

    INGREDIENTS: *common nettle, *fireweed, * common sea-buckthorn, * small-leaved lime, *great plantain, *European mountain ash, *cowberry, *vine grape, *wild strawberry, *rugosa rose leaves; *common yarrow, *common oat, *mugwort, *lemon thyme herb; *common sunflower petals, *rugosa rose fruits.

    *-organic product.

    NOTES: Ingredients may change. Each person's response to herbs may differ. Consult your doctor about use of herbal products.